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"I feel like I've been working in the dark all of these years".  Michael Colkette, Academy Graduate and Member of International Salon of Decorative Artists



"Knowledge is wealth! I leave here a very wealthy man. These classes were worth far more than I paid for them.  Not a day went by when I wasn't learning amazing new things.  Trying to learn on my own was like trying to re-invent the wheel. It was 40 years of repeating the same work, and never rising to a new level.  For anyone in this business, THIS is the place to learn."  Lloyd Cutting, Vancouver BC



"I'm going to go back to London, and throw away the 12 boards I made at the faux school there.  I'll be showing ONLY the sample boards I made at the Academy". Lazarus Xavier Cordoba,  London, England  

Good Morning Victoria!  Finished my first VP stenciled wall on Sunday... came out beautifully!  So appreciate your support.. couldn't have done it withought all of your words and wisdom throughout..

Wilma W.  Albany NY  


"I returned to Utah and won a job doing 4,000 SF of Venetian Plaster"  Matt Provo, UT


'Your technque [for Marbling in VP] is AMAZING!, I've been marbling for 20 years but have never seen anything like this, and it's SO fast and easy!"

Gelu Pisalu, NJ 



"Buon Fresco is the best art Academy in The US!"

Ronald Campoverde, NYC  (Editor's note: Ronald returned to NY and won a job doing 8,000 SF of Marbling in Venetian Plaster (VPIII)



"Awesome!  Without understanding the total range of the perspective you gave us, makes me see why your competition is not anywhere in range!" 

David S. Patterson, Patterson Plaster & Drywall



"I showed my Stenciled Venetian Plaster boards from the VPII class, to my client, 'Victoria's Secret' and they had me do walls for their Chrismas Catalog reproducing exactly the design".  Kostas Papalexiou  NYC



"...Neither will there be enough words to provide thanks for your teachings.

but I start from today to do. ;)  Thank you very much Victoria, for showing us the best way to excellence in this beautiful work!

 Ps ... in Ecuador is a popular phrase that says 'Hasta la victoria siempre!'

 I'm thinking better to read 'With Victoria always'! 

Gratefully Yours."  Ronald Campoverde New York, NY


"I am ready to meet Decorators, Architects and CLIENTS!"  

David S. Patterson, Patterson Plaster & Drywall



"I would describe this class to other artists in this fashion,

'If you think you know everything, this class really is for you'. "

David S. Patterson, Patterson Plaster & Drywall


"Thoughout my 15 years in the business, I have taken several other courses, though they were no where near the caliber of your classes.  Overall the week of training with you was invaluable'.   George Mavlian, Springfield VA 


Since training with you my Venetian Plaster work has been published and recently I received a coveted award. Today my reputation is spreading throughout the Washington DC area. Buon Fresco, and the Academy of Wall Artistry has changed my artwork and business forever. The skills that Ihave learned at The Academy have set my work so far ahead of my competition that I haven't lost a single Venetian Plaster Bid since I completed the course years ago.  I just wanted to thank you all over again. 

Michael Gross, Ashburn



Hi Victoria!  Just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you that I got a job in my state capitol because of the color class I took last May. I wouldn�t have been able to do this job if I�d not taken your class~! Thanks so much!

Patty Stewart



'Victoria, Thank you so much for all your wonderful expertise. You are the only teacher I felt had something to really offer me that I couldn't figure out on my own and it is your innovative spirit, and artistic understanding  that has enhanced my knowledge. There are faux finishers and then there are artists. You are an artist in every way! Thank you so much for sharing your art! '

Melanie Palma, Richmond VA



I am very fortunate to have studied the Buon Fresco techniques at your Academy!   I have not seen anyone who does the Buon Fresco style of Venetian Plaster in New England.  I stay very competitive!    My customers are blown away by the smoothness of my Italian Plaster work.  there is nothing that compares to mine!  All the   plaster art here is the same run of the mill stucco that anyone can do and everyone does.  No one can compete  with me. I just did a theater room for a client, in bright orange. It's killer!  Though things have been slow up here for other artists, I continue to have work. Thank YOU!"  Allen Koehler, New Hampshire 


I would describe the Marbling Columns Class as a fabulous experience of technique, exploration and personal accomplishment! 

John Howe, Ashburn VA



Following the Venetian Plaster III [Marbling] Class, graduate William Lai of Ashburn, VA, was contracted to do 1,500 Square Feet of Venetian Plaster as Marble.  He wrote the Academy to tell us - "I'll be busy for months!"

William Lai September 07'



 For the first time in any Marbling Classes, I became one with the techniques.  I would definitely recommend the class, but then: I love the fine-art-level- of classes at Buon Fresco's Academy!  Linda ONeil, Reston VA 



"We are back in Texas and I just won a huge contract doing Marbling on Columns!"  Cheryl T.    Plano, TX




"I went to Heaven!  The COLOR Class is La Creme de la Creme!" 

Michelle Lane, Alexandria VA


"The Class was a feast of knowledge!  I would recommend the Color Class to everyone in a very loud emphatic voice and describe it to other artists as the most useful and comprehensive Color Course on the Planet, as well as more fun and fascinating than any other color class I have ever taken!"   Linda ONeil,  Reston VA


"A true REVELATION about Color! I could take the Color Intensive Course over and over again"   Michael Ross, Clinton MD


"WONDERFUL!  The Color Class sets a benchmark for sample board presentation" 

Barbara Coley,  Ridgefield CT


"I've taken color classes in college, but nothing was ever this comprehensive!  We're in the process of building a 9 bedroom house and I find, now that I've taken your Color Class - That I know what I'm doing! I have the confidence to make decisions and direct my designers to give us the house of our dreams.  I'm so glad we found you!"  Jan Quiggins, Outer Banks, NC


  'I wasn't sure what to expect, however I was immediately impressed by the professionalism, demeanor, and quality of the instruction and materials.   I learned far more than I ever thought I would.  I leave this class with a richer understanding and appreciation for an ancient art.  I will never look at a wall or color scheme the same way again.   Victoria helped me to free the stymied, constricted designer that resides within my soul and expanded my mind - opening up new ways of thinking and looking at color that I wouldn't have considered before.  Additionally her 'anything is possible' attitude has left me utterly transformed.  I am a better person as a result.   I look forward to returning to San Francisco to apply what I have learned here, knowing that now I have a distinct advantage over other designers - and knowing in my heart that I am capable of anything I desire.'  Chad Fox, San Francisco, CA



"When I told my client that I had Venetian Plaster Samples I wanted to show him, he told me he wasn't really interested that he had 'seen all that before'.  Several times over the course of a job I was working on for him - I reminded him that I had boards to show him and always got the same- 'It's OK, I've seen Venetian Plaster before'.  But I brought the boards I did in your class in from my truck anyway, and I showed him.  His jaws fell open and his eyes popped. He said to me 'I've never seen anything like that before! Zdeneck Ullman, NYC 


"I was blown away!  I loved learning your method!  Among the ways I�ll benefit professionally from this class will be the confidence I�ll have when showing potential clients the great sample boards I now have to show!"  

Michael McCombs,  Louisville, KY


"The Venetian Plaster Class was VERY INFORMATIVE!  ACTION PACKED!   ...will be very useful for my business.   I am completely satisfied with what I've learned!" 

Tish Inman, Midland VA


"I took your Venetian Plaster Class 2 years ago.  The techniques I have learned from you have helped my business grow tremendously.  I am now in greater demand and have a much larger client radius in New York.  Thank you!" 

Cindy Hill,  Big Flats, NY



"I enjoyed the instruction so much I was whistling all the way home!"  

Lilly Starr, Potomac MD



I" count this time of learning one of the highlights of my life.  I can go so much further now than before! You have made a rich deposit into my life and work!"   

Anne Small, Greensboro NC


"Your Venetian Plaster Class is the best!  I most definitely recommend this class. 

Count this secret OUT!"      Michael Ross, Clinton MD



"FANTASTIC!  Even having experience in Venetian Plaster, I learned SO much more.  I would definitely recommend this class to other artists!"     

Loni Richards,   Lakeworth FL



 �I found your Venetian Plaster instruction not difficult.  You guided my hand and I got it!   I already finished a job and walls look great!   I believe that I will receive new jobs, because like maestro, I am much better than the workers I see around me.  Biggest thanks from the bottom of my heart for all what you put in classes and our souls!"                                           

Igor Vinokur, New York, NY

"What impressed me the most I the business class was the proven business policies.  The information will save valuable time, money and grief.  The Marketing & Business Class is a MUST for anyone conducting a business in decorative painting."            Kathleen Cronin,  Gainsville VA


Dear Victoria, "I came to The Academy of Wall Artistry to add to my repertoire of faux finishing as well as to learn the art and science of Gold Leafing.   Because of you, I did.   Not everyone is a teacher. You are."  Doreen Welch,  New Orleans, LA


"Estoy asombrado de como todo es facil, cuando un profesional ensana!" 

Daniel A. Jara, NY NY


"I am writing to tell you how much I enjoyed the classes I recently took at Buon Fresco's Academy.  Throughout my 15 years in the business I ahve taken several courses, but they were nowhere near the caliber of the classes you offer.  I cannot recommend your sessions highly enough!'    George Mavlian, Annandale VA


I am SO glad I took your Venetian Plaster training!  Just one day after graduating I got a job based on the samples I made in the class!  Your instruction was EXCELLENT! 

Please sign me up for the Gold Leafing Class!   William Lai, Ashburn VA


After the Venetian Plaster Intensive class I went from artistically challenged to mixing my OWN colors confidently and ready to start my own business!  As someone who is changing careers, this class was the first day of the rest of my life!   Would I recommend The Academy to other artists?  I AM ALREADY SPREADING THE NEWS!   Nichole Quiggins,  Outer Banks, NC


 When asked 'How would you describe this [Venetian Plaster] class to other decorative painters graduate Zdeneck Ullman replied -  'A- Deal !


I HIGHLY recommend the Gold & Metal Leafing Class.  The instruction was THE BEST!  Keith / Architects of the Capitol -Washington DC


Dear Victoria & Andre, Thank you so much for teaching me the gold gilding technique.  I learn so much in the gold Leaf class, it make a very good impact for my business.  Since I added the gold gilding into my service, the sales in my business increase over 30%!  My clients love the touch of gold, distress gold leaf ceiling, the Venetian Plaster Marble Columns, and especially the gold leaf molding along the Venetian Plaster walls!  It makes the room looks so elegence!  I will send you pictures later.  I am highly recommend the good gilding class to anyone who want to get involve in decorating.  thanks again with your teaching and freindly advice to my jobs after the class.   It make me run my business much easier than I think!'  Yours Sincerely,   William Lai, Creative Design, Ashburn, VA


          I will ONLY ever recommend your classes when I RETIRE!                                  Donna Scabo,  Raleigh NC



I MARVELED at the amount of information given in the Decorative Painting Class.  The specific techniques taught in this class are SO much more elegant than the usual finishes.   WONDERFUL!  Cece Koons,  Potomac, MD



    "!THE TRILOGY COURSE WAS LIKE OPENING UP A JEWEL BOX!"            Francelyn Emmanuelli Puerto Rico


"After the first day of classes I had mentally hired my Painter and Interior Designer!  I knew I CAN DO THIS! The information was excellent and the pace of the class..  PERFECT!!"    Irene Moorehead  Bethany Beach, DE


"Where else can you get such advanced training and launch a career in less time and for far less than a college course?"  Lily Starr, Potomac MD


"I would give a great reference for The Academy but I would want to keep it  a secret in Puerto Rico where I live!"  Maria Gonzalez, Puerto Rico


"The Marbling Columns with Venetian Plaster Course EXCEEDED my already excited expectations.  I�ve taken several marbling classes, this was the first time I was shown exactly how to do the veining!" Linda ONeil, Reston VA


           "If I had taken this class this time last year, I would have saved myself about       15 thousand dollars in losses!"  Oscar,  Baltimore MD

"The Marketing & Business Class was VERY INFORMATIVE!    A lot of issues were brought up that I would never have thought of.  This class will save me from a lot of mistakes that would have discouraged me from starting a business."    Veronica Perez,  Glenn Allen VA


When asked for suggestions to help us improve our classes, Michelle Lane of Alexandria,VA, wrote:  "DON'T MOVE"!!