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"At the finest hotels in Europe, I saw walls that gleamed with the glamour and artistry of real Italian Plaster.
I looked for examples of this in the United States without success.. until I saw Buon Fresco's gorgeous Italian Plaster."

- Roy Lykes /Roy Lykes Interior Design

"Utterly Impressive."

- Sims Bray, Publisher - Veranda Magazine

"Why didn't we find you first!"

- Brian Nimmo, Reston VA

"When people first come into my home their mouths drop open and the compliments begin. Thank you Victoria."

- D. Flowers. Maryland


The Academy just completed its 3rd series of PRIVATE Decorative Art CLASSES this summer. Hear our grads talk about their training:

"We cannot stop raving about our time at the Academy! We already have several jobs to do using your plaster and what we learned!
So I will need to order more plaster from you."

- Rebekah J, Richmond VA - Sept 2018

"I feel like I’m just learning how to do Venetian Plaster, though I’d been applying it for 20 years."

- Tony K, Lexington KY - June 2018

"Sometimes things seem to be too good to be true; This is not one of them.
These are the best classes to be found anywhere. Bar none."

- Tellok B, NYC - July 2018

"Knowledge is wealth! I leave this school a very wealthy man."

- Lloyd Cummings, Vancouver, BC - 2016

"There is simply none that can compare with the Buon Fresco Venetian Plaster technique. It is the Rolls Royce of Venetian Plaster work."

- Chris Adams, San Francisco, CA - 2007

To Receive a schedule of 2018 Classes
or arrange a Consultation for your space
email us at:
Or Call - (888) N’ FRESCO [637-3726]

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